Tropical & Exotic Fruits Kumquat (Kamkat) (250 gr)


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Kumquats are a citrus fruit with an unexpected property: the orange peel is perfectly edible after washing. The small fruits, 3 to 4 cm in size, most resemble mini oranges. The taste is also similar: spicy, a little bit sour to sweet.


Su: 80,85 g
Enerji: 71 kcal
Protein: 1.88 g
Toplam yağ: 0.86 g
Karbonhidrat: 15.9 g
Lif: 6.5 g
Toplam şeker: 9.36 g
Kalsiyum: 62 mg
Demir: 0.86 mg
Magnezyum: 20 mg
Fosfor: 19 mg
Potasyum: 186 mg
Sodyum: 10 mg
Çinko: 0.17 mg
C vitamini, toplam askorbik asit: 43.9 mg
Tiamin: mg 0.04
Riboflavin: 0.09 mg
Niasin: 0.43 mg
B-6 Vitamini: 0.04 mg
Folat, DFE: 17 µg
B-12 Vitamini: 0 µg
A Vitamini, RAE: 15 µg
A Vitamini, İÜ: 290 İÜ
E Vitamini (alfa-tokoferol): 0.15 mg
D Vitamini (D2 + D3): 0 µg
D vitamini: 0 IU
K Vitamini (filokinon): 0 µg
Yağ asitleri, toplam doymuş: 0.1 g
Yağ asitleri, toplam tekli doymamış: 0.15 g
Yağ asitleri, toplam çoklu doymamış: 0.17 g
Yağ asitleri, toplam trans: 0 g
Kolesterol: 0 mg
Kafein: 0 mg


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Tropical & Exotic Fruits Kumquat (Kamkat) (250 gr)