Bedish %100 Doğal Acılı Şalgam (1L)


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Bedish Artisan Foods has been producing “Salgam” drink in London since 2018.


Bedish Fermented Black Carrot & Turnip Juice” is a natural, gluten-free (certified), sugar-free, vegan juice produced by fermenting black carrot, turnip, water and rock salt. Absolutely No Preservatives.


Our family’s secret recipe, combining carrots and turnips together produces our famous fermented beverage called Şalgam drink. Şalgam is a very famous accompaniment to food from the southern Turkey region called Çukurova.


We are now producing Şalgam, here in London. We only use ingredients sourced from the mainland UK to ensure traceability. Our product has been certified by Eurofins Food Testing Laboratory as Gluten-Free.


Known benefits of Şalgam, passed down from our ancestors over the years are;


supporting a balanced digestive system,

stabilising low blood pressure,

a remedy for dehydration.

a natural antioxidant,

a natural probiotic,

helps the treatment of arthritis,

rich in vitamin groups A, B & C,

stabilises low blood pressure,

aids in digestion and weight loss, improves vision.

As Bedish Artisan Foods, our aim is to produce products that are good for health which help maintain a balanced diet. Our mission is to bring world recognition to this regional drink. Registering our product to British Great Taste Awards 2019 was the first step.


Salgam, a traditional beverage with many health benefits, is not only to be consumed with food but also as an energiser throughout the day.


“Drink Salgam for health”


To wake up better.


To re-energise after a long day..


To maintain your need of probiotics naturally.


To boost antioxidants to your body and for much more.


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Bedish-%100 Dogal Acili Salgam


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Bedish %100 Doğal Acılı Şalgam (1L)